Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

an assessment of proposed project. assessment (evaluation and analysis)

The opportunities for innovation are everywhere. But how can you evaluate whether a particular product idea is commercially feasible, whether the technical challenges are too restrictive, which options are the best to develop, or whether development and roll-out costs will be within acceptable limits?

Feasibility studies aim to answer key questions before committing significant time and resources to a project, and provide a degree of certainty that a product can achieve its objectives, both in terms of strategic and technical outcomes to your company. They enable a client to employ specialized expertise to perform a thorough, frank, third-party assessment of a project’s likelihood of success.

A side benefit is that a feasibility study provides the opportunity for the client and the company providing the assessment to experience working together. If the project continues, the experience of working together, the findings of the study, and the outlined development path can shorten the development time and improve project outcomes.

Product feasibility studies from ManMakeMachine

ManMakeMachine offers the option of a feasibility study as the first exploratory step in any engagement. Completion of the study does not commit the client to further engagement of ManMakeMachine. A typical feasibility study for development of a technology product might include:

  • In-depth, qualitative discussions to help frame and understand the underlying concepts, problems to be solved, business issues, and objectives of the study
  • Using key concepts, discuss and outline critical aspects of the desired user experience
  • The proposed high level system architecture and areas of complexity
  • Evaluation of potential solutions to the areas of complexity
  • Examination of options and trade-offs with different solutions/technologies
  • Creation of a development path outline.

Feasibility studies are customized to your particular needs and will be conducted to the depth of detail you require.

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