to form or have an idea of; to imagine or conceive

It starts with a spark of madness, a vision of something bigger

ManMakeMachine  believes that the Ideation process is a collaboration between the client and the ManMakeMachine team, combining deep industry knowledge with commercial and technical understanding. This collaborative process or open innovation approach is the most efficient and direct route to achieve critical improvements and breakthroughs. We work with our clients to convert opportunities and ideas generated into solutions or businesses.

The Ideation process in ManMakeMachine includes:

  1. Research
  2. Observe
  3. Understand
  4. Analyse
  5. Generate Ideas

During the Ideation workshop we will uncover::

  • A stream of possible innovations
  • Structured ideas that’s right for your business
  • Additional opportunities, developments and test concepts
  • Prioritisation of the most commercially and technically viable
  • Market trends that will influence the innovation
  • Current competitive activity and local and global developments
  • Identify untapped sources of value


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Feasibility Studies

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