a first or preliminary version of a device or vehicle from which other forms are developed

Fail fast, learn quick, adjust and execute.

We use prototyping to build an operating version of the solution generated during the Ideation phase. Prototypes allow our clients to test how your solution will work and present the solution to the organisation for feedback and refinements,. We use the broad range of experience from the team to come up with creative ways to develop the first prototype and test the concept.

During the prototype phase we:

  1. Make
  2. Test
  3. Feedback
  4. Refine
  5. Iterate

While Prototyping we will:

Use readily available materials, construction kits, storyboards, or other techniques that help you to create your solution quickly.
New business concepts that are made tangible through a series of visualizations.
Prototypes that help align the enterprise, aid user testing and accelerate piloting.
Clear business cases and launch plans for new ideas.
Motivated employees eager to see concepts succeed and participate in their implementation.
What are the product’s attributes and characteristics?
Does any new technology need to be invented to manufacture the product?


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Feasibility Studies

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