ManMakeMachine is a privately-held engineering firm based in Cape Town and Nairobi. We help our clients grow their businesses by developing solutions that pushes the boundaries of what is possible, and thus setting the pace of innovation for businesses in their sectors.
We partner with clients of all sizes, all industries and all geographies to solve growth challenges ranging from streamlining internal operations within their existing business, to developing big bets on breakthrough technology solutions. Our multi-disciplinary team is drawn from diverse backgrounds and industries, and leverages years of experience to Ideate, Prototype and Engineer commercially and technically feasible technology solutions.
We combine strategic thinking and leading edge product engineering experience to address the toughest technology and growth challenges for leading edge companies


We Ideate, Prototype and Engineer custom technology solutions for clients ensuring business growth

ManMakeMachine believes that the Ideation process is a collaboration between the client and the ManMakeMachine team, combining deep industry knowledge with commercial and technical understanding. This collaborative process or open innovation approach is the most efficient and direct route to achieve critical improvements and breakthroughs. We work with our clients to convert opportunities and ideas generated into solutions or businesses.

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We use prototyping to build an operating version of the solution generated during the Ideation phase. Prototypes allow our clients to test how the solution will work and present the solution back to their organisational stakeholders for feedback and refinements. We use the broad range of experience from the team to come up with creative ways to develop the first prototype and test the concept.

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The ManMakeMachine engineering and design process is cyclical, meaning that our engineers repeat the steps as many times as needed, making improvements along the way to ensure that the outcome is robust and able to be industrialised. The engineering phase develops the prototype into a custom built, fully functional product or solution that could include aspects of Hardware, Firmware and Software.

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Feasibility Studies

The opportunities for innovation are everywhere. But can you evaluate whether a particular product idea is commercially feasible or whether the technical challenges are too restrictive? Feasibility studies aim to answer key questions before committing significant time and resources to a project, and provide a degree of certainty that a product can achieve its objectives, both in terms of strategic and technical outcomes to your company.

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ManMakeMachine believes that major technology leaps happen when you push the boundaries, we work with companies that like to set the pace for innovation.










We work on leading technologies that shifts industries or have significant impact. The technology developed at ManMakeMachine for clients or internally always sets out to ensure that technical and commercial requirements are considered, delivering to the specification outlined as well as the broader strategic requirements of the business.
Our approach to solution development is centred around three distinct phases: Ideate, Prototype and Engineer. We combine strategic thinking, leading edge product engineering skills and extensive commercialisation experience to custom develop technology hardware solutions.
Ensuring that we consider the broad application of the solution, not just a standalone piece of technology is what sets us apart.



We Ideate, Prototype and Engineer custom technology solutions for clients ensuring business growth.

We obsess over outcomes, whether we’re engaged on an internal project , or building a multi-product advanced solution for one of our multi-national clients.
We include our clients in every aspect of the development process, ensuring alignment of outcome and quality deliverables. Whether the clients is a small start-up with the new breakthrough innovation or a large corporates that want to increase the rate of innovation and do rapid prototyping we ensure constant updates, and aim to align our interest with our clients.
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The goal is to work with businesses that believe in leading and advancing through technology.



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